New blog

Jul 30, 2020ยท

1 min read

Why a blog?

I followed during a good chunk of my teen years many blogs, about technology of course, but also music or movies. It was really easy to follow new content thanks to Google Reader.

I always wanted to write something, and had multiple tries with various technologies (DotClear, Wordpress, even Joomla!) but I never stuck to it and did not even kept archive of them.

During my recent years at my job, I've started to write a lot of posts internally about my findings, my current work and my plans. My colleagues enjoy them a lot! I think it made me confident enough to at least try again to write on a blog.

As I'm self-taught, I'd like to give back to the community too by giving the same opportunities I had to learn new things.

What content can be expected?

Mostly, as I am a SysOps Engineer, it will probably be about Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Datadog, SemaphoreCI, containers in general, CI/CD, monitoring, tracing, etc... Languages wise, probably some Ruby/Ruby on Rails and PHP/Laravel.

But it's also my personal space to share anything that I care about. I'm not excluding to post personal thoughts or some music I like. It's a personal website after all, that represent a bit of who I am and what I am doing.